Leadership Corps

The mission of the CREC Civic Leadership High School Leadership Corps is to challenge students to grow as leaders through public speaking, project management, critical thinking, and the modeling of our core values of Excellence, Courage, Duty, and Honor.

Examples of public speaking experiences include:

  • Frequent impromptu public speaking experiences before the entire leadership corps.
  • Opportunities to address the student body at various schoolwide functions.
  • Examples of project management experiences include:
  • Worked in small or large groups to organize fundraisers (Pennies for Lymphoma),
  • American Red Cross blood drives, Holiday Toy Drive with Enfield PD.
  • Training and practical experience in chain of command & delegation.

Examples of critical thinking include: 

  • Opportunities for students to problem-solve in the context of project management roles (as articulated above).
  • Frequent large and small group challenges presented by Leadership Corps staff to leadership corps members.

Students will be benefited by the Leadership Corps by: 

  • Constantly being challenged to achieve excellence
  • Developing confidence in oneself to achieve as part of a multi-faceted team
  • Building a sense of pride in helping others and community
  • Promoting personal physical wellness
  • Engaging in networking opportunities
  • Gaining Project management experience
  • Developing self-discipline
  • Learning to influence others to accomplish objectives
  • Identifying personal strength and weaknesses 
    … in preparation for success in the real world.

The CREC Civic Leadership High School strives to serve as an example to the CLHS community and the community at-large by exemplifying the core values of excellence, duty, courage, and honor.

Leadership Corps will meet every Friday as follows:
1st Friday of the Month - Monthly Business Meeting / Formation
2nd Friday of the Month - Physical Training & Conditioning (PT)
3rd Friday of the Month - Skills Development
4th Friday of the Month - Work Session
5th Friday of the Month (if occurs) - TBD

Students interested in joining the Leadership Corps should contact Mr. Platt.